River Crossing POA

Garage Sales

Definition: Occasional sale of tangible personal property, usually-- but not always-- comprised of used, second hand, home-type items sold in the driveway, garage, or yard. Sales must obey frequency limitations to be considered Garage Sales.
Frequency: Single or combined private family Garage Sales permitted only twice per year; participation in one additional community wide sale also permitted.
Terminology: These rules apply also to "Attic", "Home", "Joint family", "Rummage" and "Yard" Sales. Garage Sales are separate category from Estate Sales (can have longer duration, different hours, held inside home) and Private Invitation Home Product Show/Sales (different frequency, different timing, inside home, single day event).
"Commercial" Home sales or offerings involving retail merchandise or retail services are not permitted at any time by River Crossing Covenants. Garage sales repeated more often than the aforementioned frequency will be considered "commercial" and disallowed.
Rules: Sale can last for two days only. Sale items cannot be displayed closer than 15 feet from any road or any right of way. No supplemental merchandise to be brought in by any firm, company, or corporation. Hours restricted to from 8 am to 5 pm.
Signage: Two signs not larger than 36 by 24 inches can be placed on the property where sale is held for days of sale only; up to three additional directional signs permitted leading traffic to the sale location. Signs to be on stakes; signs cannot be on utility poles, county roadway signs, makeshift objects such as boxes, or private property; nor to be of an unsightly nature. ALL SIGNS MUST BE REMOVED ON THE DAY THE SALE ENDS.