River Crossing POA

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

**The Waters, please Click Here  for ACC instructions.
If you have questions and/or submissions for properties in The Waters, send to acc@hillcountrymanagement.com.**
The River Crossing POA ACC (not including The Waters or The Overlook) utilizes an on-line collaboration software which has reduced the requirement for face-to-face committee meetings while still providing timely review of projects.  Owners should submit proposals at least 3 weeks before their anticipated start date. 

All applications for new construction and/or improvements in River Crossing (excluding The Waters) must be submitted electronically to the Diamond Association Management & Consulting (DAMC) at acc@damctx.com.   
The Overlook, managed by DAMC, has their own ACC and guidelines. Send all inquiries to acc@damctx.com.
Please be advised when submitting an application for new construction or improvements that all items must be included at the time of submission for review.  For example, you plan to build new a residence with plans to add a pool & fence, fence or detached building or shed.  To have all the items included under the new construction deposit ($1,000), the ACC must have the completed information for each of the items in addition to the building plan for review at the same time.  Any addition that is added following the initial approval will need to be submitted with a new application and improvement deposit ($500).  The same will hold true for adding additional improvements.  All deposit payments must be drawn on the property owner's account and write "ACC Deposit" in the memo section. Please mail or deliver check, cash or money order to the address below. Online payment is NOT available at this time.  If sending your deposit through the USPS, please include a copy of the check with your submittal.  
Mail your deposit to:
River Crossing POA
c/o Diamond Association Management & Consulting
14603 Huebner Rd., Building 40
San Antonio, Texas 78230
When an Approval is issued it must be posted on the property, along with an address marker, to provide visible evidence of approval.  

The RC ACC encourages coordination ahead of a formal proposal as a way to reduce approval time.  Please send your questions directly to the RC ACC at acc@rivercrossingpoa.com. This will expedite answering your questions. 
Refund Process
Upon completion of construction the property owner must submit the ACC Refund Inspection Request. If you have submitted a request for refund and still have ACC approved construction in process on your property, the refund inspection will be held until all construction has been completed.  This will save confusion as to whether or not you have met the requirements for the refund. Deposits will be returned once conditions of the refund process have been met. Construction refunds will be paid by paper check.

About the ACC

River Crossing Construction Guidelines & Forms  (Main POA)

River Crossing ACC Refund Inspection Request  (excluding The Waters or The Overlook)

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